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About us

It is a company dedicated completely to the design, manufacture and marketing of women's footwear.
The orientation of our footwear is a modern, daring, different and comfortable image.
A different shoes that will distinguish anyone who dares to wear it.
The sense of personalization that has to wear when on your feet, elegance and design of our different models will be reflected in you. It is a shoe for every type of woman advanced to our present age.

That is why Octavio vera is designed for those who want to be different and current. Octavio vera offers several lines, each different in that you can choose the way you dress.

Spanish Shoes & Boots - Alternative Footwear

Welcome to Octavio Vera online shop. The very best Spanish shoes you can find for the UK. From Spanish boots to alternative shoes both made with the highest quality leather. You will find any shoes to match your style.
Our steampunk boots are made of 100% Spanish leather which makes them a real high quality product. Comfort and durability are the two main traits of these shoes, without forgetting the steampunk kickass look.

The best quality on Alternative Footwear UK made in Spain

You can check our heavy metal line of shoes and take a look at all the different kind of boots and shoes we have in our stock. Choose the ones you like most to rock out as a real heavy metal fan!
Heel less shoes are always the best choice to stand out with your footwear. Pick the ones that best match your style and be ready to stand in the spotlight
Want to be trendy and be faithful to your style? With this amazing cyber boots we have you will not pass unnoticed. Get the best cyber goth boots and be ready to rave!
Aren´t they cute? Pick your animal printed shoes to take your style to a whole new level. The best match for your animal printed complements.
The best good-looking shoes you will ever find to get a classy look or to match a ballroom dance dress. You are surely not regretting if you get this medieval shoes!